Dedicated Caterer
364 days
Hot & Cold

Onboard catering is provided by Le Mange Tout who, with over 20 years of experience, have  a range of options for all tastes.  The team at Le Mange Tout have put together 3 menus for Manchester River Cruises.

Celebration Buffet – £15.00

Afternoon Canapes & Champagne – £17.50

Corporate Canapes – £24.50

This is as well as their original line up which can be seen by visiting their website where they have a range of buffet options and are happy to put something together that fits around you. Le Mange Tout don’t believe in mass produced food, they freshly hand make all  sandwiches, fillings, savourys and hot food
dishes on the same day, sourced locally, using Fairtrade whenever possible. If you have any dietary requirements Le Mange Tout can accommodate  any vegetarian, vegan, gluten & wheat free, organic and halal requests.
To order please contact Le Mange Tout by telephone on 0161 202 0583 or email them at and they will be happy to deal with your request. Once you have made your order Le Mange Tout will liaise with us regarding delivery and setting up ready for your event.